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About us

Animal Clinic Jakarta (ACJ) was founded in August 2008.
Its main focus is to provide excellent health services and professional veterinary care for companion animals with personal attention to the individual needs of your pet.

Our motto, “special treatment for your special pet”, comes straight from the heart and belongs to our top priorities. ACJ strives to be one step ahead and is therefore highly committed to ongoing training for our medical staff as well as our management team, to maintain high standards and to provide you the best service possible.

With our comfortable, friendly, homey and clean environment we strive to create a positive experience and try to cater to the distinctive needs of all pet owners and their pets.

Animal Clinic Jakarta (ACJ) didirikan pada bulan Agustus 2008.
Fokus utamanya adalah menyediakan layanan kesehatan yang prima dan perawatan hewan profesional untuk hewan pendamping dengan perhatian secara pribadi terhadap kebutuhan individu hewan kesayangan Anda.

Moto kami, “perlakuan spesial untuk hewan peliharaan spesial Anda”, datang langsung dari hati menjadi prioritas utama kami. ACJ berusaha selangkah lebih maju dan karenanya sangat berkomitmen untuk terus berlatih untuk staf medis kami dan juga tim manajemen kami, untuk mempertahankan standar yang tinggi dan untuk memberikan Anda layanan sebaik mungkin.

Dengan lingkungan nyaman, ramah, nyaman dan bersih, kami berusaha menciptakan pengalaman positif dan berusaha memenuhi kebutuhan khusus semua pemilik hewan peliharaan dan hewan peliharaan mereka.


Our Team

1. Drh. Siti Komariah : Head Veterinarian

The Head Veterinarian and general advisor for all medical procedures of the team is Drh. Siti Komariah (Drh. Ooy), a well-known veterinary surgeon. Drh. Ooy was born in Bandung in 1966 and graduated from the University of Veterinary medicine in Bogor (IPB) in 1990. She gained work experience in the Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital in Singapore and became a veterinarian at the Animal Hospital in South Jakarta. Drh. Ooy has high expectations of ACJ, as she hopes ACJ will be able to open branches in other Indonesian cities in the future. Drh. Ooy’s motto is to keep learning in order to improve veterinary care. ACJ is confident that with this great medical team under the supervision of Drh. Ooy we will indeed be able to grow into a trustable clinic with International standards.

2. Drh. Ester Sembiring : Veterinarian
 drh ester

3. Drh. Dian Novita Wijayanti : Veterinarian

Drh. Dian Novita Wijayanti (Drh. Vita) was born in Bogor,  in 1984. Drh. Vita graduated from University of Veterinary Medicine in Bogor (IPB) in 2008. Drh. Vita has a cheerful and positive attitude and loves to be around animals. We are pleased that Drh. Vita has joined our Team!

4. Drh. Christia Dilla : Veterinarian
drh. dilla

Drh. Christia Dilla (Drh. Dilla) was born in Jakarta in the year 1975. After her graduation from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Bogor (IPB) she has worked as veterinarian in the Jakarta Animal Shelter since 2001. Drh. Dilla is a very compassionate individual and so it is not a surprise that she also cares for many rescued dogs and cats at her home.

5. Drh. Dhea : Veterinarian

6. Drh. Regina : Veterinarian

7. Drh. Dwi : Veterinarian

8. Drh. Halim : Veterinarian

9. Jordan Andrianus L : Paramedic

10. Dhini : Paramedic

11. Qisty : Paramedic

12. Elisa Gebi Yanti : Laborant

13. Daryoko : Coordinator Groomers

Mr. Daryoko (Yoko) was born in Magelang, 08 July 1975  and he worked  as a Paramedic in Pondok Pengayom Satwa, Jakarta.  Mr. Yoko is an Experienced Groomer in ACJ and has been serving various kinds of dogs and cats. With a good technique and supporting equipment he can make your pets well-groomed

14. Wiji Teguh Widodo : Groomer

15. Sugeng : Groomer

Mr. Sugeng (Sugeng) was born in Suro, Banyumas, 25 May 1981.

16. Sri Rahayu Samsiati ( Ayu ) : Coordinator Receptionists

Mrs. Ayu was born 15 December in Jakarta, and she studied at D1 Secretary from Stamford Ladies College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has been working since ACJ was established. She is a very thorough receptionist and also have good communication with the customers.

17. Wiro Sukoco : Receptionist

Mr. Wiro Sukoco ( Wiro) was born in 20 December 1985. He has worked in several companies. He is very communicative with every customers.

18. Triyana : Receptionist

Mrs. Triyana ( Yana ) was born in 3 October 1979. She graduated from Secretary School (SMK). She has worked at Trijaya Eqvastrian Centre for 16 years. She has a good personality and has been joined at ACJ since April 2016

19. Hendi : Public Relation



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Happy birthday Elisa from Laboratory Division. Wish you all the best.

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ACJ Team

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