Activities at JAANPAWDAY 2017


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Pada acara JAANPAWDAY tahun ini akan ada lebih banyak aktifitas yang dapat dinikmati oleh semua pemilik/pecinta hewan peliharaan khususnya anjing, yaitu antara lain pemeriksaan secara gratis oleh tim Animal Clinic Jakarta, Penampilan akrobat dan lempar bola oleh para badut profesional, pelatihan ketangkasan para anjing, Lukis wajah dari teman-teman TIGARASI dan penjualan barang dagangan oleh pihak JAAN. Ajak seluruh keluarga dan anak-anak anda.
Jangan lupa untuk membeli tiketnya di klinik Animal Clinic Jakarta atau bisa menghubungi 021-7902371 & 021-7199917 (Harga tiket Early Bird Rp 60.000 u/ dewasa & Rp 35.000 u/ anak dibawah 10 tahun. Harga tiket On The Spot Rp 85.000 u/ dewasa & Rp 60.000 u/ anak dibawah 10 tahun).

In this year’s, JAANPAWDAY event will be more activities that can be enjoyed by all pet owners / lovers especially dogs, those are free animal consultation by Animal Clinic Jakarta, Acrobatic and Juggling clown performace, Free try out for Dog agility, face painting with TIGARASI and the selling of the merchandise from JAAN. Bring all your families and kids.
Don’t forget to buy the tickets at Animal Clinic Jakarta or kindly to call +6221-7902371 & +6221-7199917 (Early bird tickets now! Prices are IDR 60,000 for adults & IDR 35,000 for children under10 years old. On the spot tickets (on the day) will be IDR 85,000 for adults & IDR 60,000 for children under 10 years old).


Is this your dogs first time experience going to PAWDAY party?


If your dog has never been to a dog park, keep the leash on for a while and gauge his readiness for friendly behavior. Your dog should be willing to allow others to sniff his backside. This is a friendly hello, which should be accepted with no concern. Likewise, your dog should be interested in exchanging hellos with others. One of my dog park acquaintances calls this “exchanging business cards”! Another calls it “shaking hands”. You get the point. It is the good doggie manners way to greet and be greeted.

It is your job to stop any escalation of aggressive or dominant behavior BEFORE it gets out of hand. This means correcting your dog, and in more significant cases, can mean your dog needs to submit. Down, lay, stay…until you give permission. Permission is granted when your dog’s body language and behavior is completely relaxed and he is paying no attention to other dogs around him. Then he is ready to get up and practice some more. Some dogs need lots of this practice before they are ready to shake hands with others nicely.

Most dogs have few, if any, problems with social interaction of this basic sort. It is usually the anxious, fearful, or shy dogs that may exhibit trouble with socialization. Often leadership is lacking and this brings on the problems.

A few tips on what NOT to bring to a dog park, for all you first timers:

  • Bring in toys at your own risk. Some dogs may steal your toy, others may destroy it.
  • Keep in mind that the dog park is also for socialization. Encourage this activity and use the toys for those days when the park is meagerly populated.
  • Poop bags and water for your dog may be needed. It is essential that you keep an eye on your pups and pick up after them immediately. This will keep everyone cleaner and healthier.
  • Leave your stilletos at home. Dress for the occasion. Many dogs like to jump up and put their paws on visitors, so plan on getting a few paw print hellos.
  • If you have more than one dog, a leash coupler makes things a bit easier. You’ll only have one handle to deal with for every two dogs.
  • Make sure there is a towel in the car for cleaning up dirty paws

I hope these tips will help you venture into the world of dog park fun. It is good for your dog and you’ll enjoy the people you meet there.

Jika anjing anda belum pernah mengunjungi tempat umum atau taman bermain untuk anjing, maka anjing anda harus menggunakan tali dan perhatikan kebiasaannya dengan baik. Tugas anda untuk bisa mengawasi dan mengontrol sifat dan kebisasaan anjing yang dibawa. Baca bahasa tubuh anjing anda sebelum diberikan arahan atau perintah dari majikannya. jika bahasa tersebut menunjukan kondisi yang tenang dan tidak merasa terganggu maka anjing tersebut dapat menerima perintah dari anda.

Tidak sedikit anjing memiliki masalah dengan interaksi sosialnya, baik itu dengan manusia ataupun dengan anjing lainnya. Rasa takut, tidak aman dan malu atau bahkan sifat yang mendominasi terkadang menjadi masalah pada anjing.

Beberapa tips untuk anjing yang pertama kali berada di taman bermain anjing :

  • Mainan menjadi tanggung jawab anda. Beberapa anjing lain mungkin akan mengambil atau bahkan menghancurkan mainan anjing anda
  • Ingat bahwa taman anjing merupakan tempat untuk bersosialisasi maka latih anjing anda untuk bisa beradaptasi dengan lingkungan sekitar
  • Selalu sediakan kantong untuk kotoran anjing dan air untuk membersihkan kotorannya.
  • gunakan sepatu yang sesuai dengan kondisi di taman
  • jika anda membawa lebih dari 1 anjing gunakan tali khusus untuk anjing yang lebih dari satu. Hal tersebut akan mempermudah anda untuk mengawasi anjing
  • Sediakan handuk di dalam mobil untuk membersihkan bakas kaki anjing


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PAWRENTS, ANIMAL LOVERS, SPONSORS & VENDORS get ready & stay tuned for more info on our biggest fund raiser & doggie event! #JAANPAWDAY 2017 🐶


“Let’s join hands &
be a sponsor or a vendor for PawDay”

Dear PawDay FRIENDS,

JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) are excited to announce their annual fund raise event PawDay  on 27th  August 2017.

The amazing success of PawDay was largely due to the tremendous contributions of our sponsors who went out of their way to kindly lend financial support to the event.

The money we raise this time will go towards increasing awareness of JAAN, educating the community & helping the many animals in our care. In addition, funds will continue to cover our many veterinary bills, food costs & a cat sterilization drive.

Thank you for your time & kind consideration for JAAN’s PawDay Walk.  We hope you chose to support us in this endeavour.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is an organisation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating & re-homing dogs, cats & other wildlife in Indonesia.

JAAN are a Non-Government Organisation & are totally reliant on the voluntary contributions of our generous supporters.