Medical Services

Please take a look at the medical services we offer below,
or call us at (021) 790.23.71/719.99.17/250.319.85 to discuss your pet’s needs*.
*In some cases, your pet may require hospitalization and further diagnostic tests

Medical Assessment
animal clinic jkt 070

periksa gigi

X-Ray Radiology

Skin Dermatology

Heart Cardiology

8 thoughts on “Medical Services”

      1. Hi Tony,
        you can contact the information below for the vet

        Jalan Melati #5-6 AMPERA RAYA
        Jakarta Selatan 12560
        Phone : 021 7819576/ 021 78844796
        FAX :021 78844787
        Mobile : 0816 900816

        thank you


  1. Hi, we live in Cirebon and need to have our very old and sick dog euthanized. However they only use magnesium sulfate here with GA. Do you use pentobarbital agents there? If so is there any way we can buy it and have it sent to the vet here?


    1. Hi Elena, thank you for contacting us. Phenobarbital is not sold freely and must have a prescription from the vet. we are sorry we cannot send it to you. Regards, Animal Clinic Jakarta.


  2. Hi,
    I am interested in doing teeth scaling/cleaning on my Dog,but I have 2 questions,
    1. I would like to know what is the process if theh find a cavity,? will the doctor do the filling of cavity or not treat it?
    2. Also what kind of anesthesia is used? Gas ?


    1. Hi Ariana,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for contacting us.
      It is depend on what big the cavity. If it’s small maybe we can fill it but if it’s too large we will put it out. yes, we use gas anesthesia.

      Animal Clinic Jakarta


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