Operasi Kastrasi

Drh. Vita in Surgery, castrating Google.
Google had a condition called Monorchid which means that his one testicle is not in the scrotum…., it can be in the inguinal canal or intra-abdominal.
Not removing the testicles can lead to many health issues in the future such as tumors, enlarged prostate which will cause difficulties urinating and it can eventually also lead to prostate cancer.
Get well soon Google!
Drh. Vita sedang melakukan operasi, kastrasi Google.
Google mengalami suatu kondisi yang dinamakan Monorchid yang berarti bahwa satu testisnya tidak di area scortum, mungkin ada di inguinal canal atau intra-abdominal. Bila testis tidak diangkat, dapat menyebabkan banyak masalah kesehatan di kemudian hari, seperti tumor, pembesaran kelenjar prostat sehingga mengalami kesulitan buang air kecil dan bahkan dapat menyebabkan kanker prostat.
Semoga cepat sembuh ya Google!

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